Sunday, September 27, 2009

Session Road Band

Session Road is an alternative rock band here in the Philippines.Hannah Romawac-Olives (vocals, rhythm guitar), Coy Placido (lead guitar, synth), Chavi Romawac (drums, percussions), JV Romawac (percussions, back-up vocals) and Jimbo San Pedro (bass).
My all time favorite band who inspire me a lot.Touch me a lot..and makes me live in music!!..Yesterday I listened to their songs AGAIN..again and again while playing restaurant city on facebook.One of my favorite single of this band is "LEAVING YOU".I started to sing it again in Videoke last September 22 ( tuesday ) when we are celebrating Geck's Birthday and it makes me feel so happy!!don't know why..hahahahaha but one thing is for sure..I idolize them so much.I really love playing with my voice or maybe doing something different that makes me to have my own identity in singing.
I started to sing when I was in grade school,3rd level.Very confident and proud that I'm going to perform in front of many people specially with my Mom who is screaming so loud while saying "that is my daughter"...I will never forget when I was in grade 2 level and our school will be going to have a program.I really want to perform that time and sad to say that my adviser says that "You can't do it..because you can't sing"it really hurts me and because of that I promised to myself that every note and every lyrics of the song that I am going to sing will make them impress and proud of me.Its not bitterness..because you can't consider it in that way..but it is a lesson to prove to yourself that you can!
That's why I am continuing
singing together with the inspiration of Session Road band.I just hope that one day I'll meet them personally and perform on stage with Hannah.Nothing is impossible!! I'll pray..and hope that God will listen :)


  1. hanep..yaan mo mkka jamming mo din cla one day..haha :D

  2. ..taas ng pangarap noh?but its true..i really want to perform on stage with this guys..and sing all their hits..haaayyy!! :)