Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon ONDOY

Its so hard to think that many people here in the Philippines are now suffering because of the TYPHOON ONDOY.In the latest news update that I've of 6:00 pm the number of people died is now up to 140 and 32 are still missing.Lets just pray for their souls and think that they are now in God's hand..and for the 32 people that are still missing,also pray and hope that they are safe.

The donations in ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya is now in 20 million worth of cash..and if Im not mistaken more than 28 million worth of relief goods.Filipino is so Helpful and even some foreigner do their best to donate for the victims of the typhoon.

Im so glad that me and my family are safe and just experienced a little bit of flood inside our house..hahahaha..(how little?)!!

This will serve as a lesson for us..learn how to dispose the garbage in right place..where to build a house and how to care to our nature!!


  1. correct!people should learn how to dispose garbage properly, or else worst comes to worst environment will kill us.we should love our country and our environment..:D

  2. as Bayani Fernando said on his interview on of the main reason why Filipino are suffering in this kind of flash flood is because many of our fellowmen are built their house on some bridges..instead of a way for flood..roads will be the way just to pass the water. :( we should learn from the wrath of our mother nature!!