Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hotdog Bush

Hot Dog Bush

Click here to play this game

you should try this!!
I get so bored that's why I decided to play this game.
cook as fast as you can in speed category
to enhanced you to cook fast as the customers order
and after that you should try the goal per day in career categories.
common challenge yourself!!
There's a lot of games in
many games to play in different category.
For category is best!!
because I'm a girl..
love it!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Husband and Wife

I went to the church last Sunday ( October 4, 2009 ) and the Priest said, that day is for Married the topic is all about love..and respect.

When there is a couple who are deciding to be as one, the Priest is asking them.."why do you want to marry him/her?"

He was so disappointed when the couple answering him that:

  1. because he/she had everything that I want and the Priest answered them that everything that they had can be lost or gone someday.
  2. because he/she is handsome/beautiful..but the beauty will pass?do you still want to be with him/her if the time comes that he/she had wrinkles on her face?
  3. because she is will marry her just because of the baby?
  4. because I want to have someone who can help me in everything.then why don't you just hire a maid that will do everything for you like cooking..washing of just pay her and that's all.
too many reasons but did you know what the Priest want to hear from them?
"I want to marry him/her because I LOVE HIM/HER." he will not proceed to the next question until the couple will realize that they will going to marry each other not because of what they want and what they see but because of love that they feel..

The Priest also explained about the role of the Husband in the family..he said that before..all the men or what they called the "hudyo"
had their slaves..and that is the women.That time when the "hudyo" ask your name and you will tell him your real name, you will be going to be his slave.So when God encounter one of the "hudyo" and trying to ask his name, God answered him "AKO AY SI AKO NGA"..

Because men knew that women came from their "tadyang"..flesh of their flesh..bone of their bone..but it is not the reason for a women to become their slaves.
Did you ever thought that mens "tadyang" is near in heart..saying that GOD creates all the women to be loved by men and not to be a slave for them.

"AMA ang haligi ng tahanan at ang INA ang ilaw nito"
A house will not be complete if it is just made of a "haligi" and it will not be completed also by just a light..
a house should be compose or to be completed by both "haligi" and "ilaw" together with the wall,door,roof ,etc.
Its just reminding us that being a married couple is a big responsibility and being ONE in everything..two people that became one under a sacrament of GOD.
Reminding us that in GOD's hand..he created us to be fair with each should not be under by woman and woman should not be under by man.

Mr. Efren Penaflorida


Sir Efren Penaflorida says "They need education to be successful in life. It's just giving them what others gave to me,"

Its a pleasure for me to write something about him..He became my student teacher in Math when I was in Third year High School way back 2005 in Cavite National High School.I sent him a letter two days ago, telling that I am the student who caught his attention the time that he accomplished his practice teaching in our school..that time, Sir Ef told us to make a goodbye letter for him, a letter where you can say a bad or good comment about him.At the end of my letter for him, I invite him to watch the battle of the bands at Montano Hall where me and my group are participant, He smile and say that I am the only one who do that.

back to the letter..

I congratulate him for being one of the remarkable individuals that have been selected by the blue ribbon panel as the TOP 10 CNN HEROES.
and he say that "
Thank you so much Kathe. I am encouraged all the more. Please campaign that people will VOTE FOR THE KIDS AND VOLUNTEERS I represent. It's not really about EFREN alone but the dedication and determination of the heroes behind DTC. Salamat po."

I didn't expect that he will answer my letter for him and assuming the he don't have enough time..but he did and it really makes me feel happy inside and knowing that he still remember me :)

I salute to you and to your group..more power and more help for children's.Godbless!!

20 times per logging in
vote now!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wind Beneath My Wings

For almost 9 years of living my life without her..performing on stage without her..and crying without her I still can't imagine how my Mom can do this all by herself, without her siblings, without her husband, without her family.
She decided to work on Korea when I was in grade four.I am just a little girl but understand the situation.She always want the best for us and for our family, that's why she keeps on working even night with just herself and the machines.Sometimes I feel so down and amiss when she calling us and saying that she's alone in the company..working one can talk to..that makes her feel so sleepy.How I wish that I have all the blessing in the world just to be with my Mom for a long long time..but I don't have anything to do but to finish my study.
I really miss my Mom and i know that I am not the only one who's missing her in a long time.It feel so incomplete when one of the member of the family is far from you..specially a Mom who can really understand you as a girl..a Mom who can give you some heart advice..a Mom who can help you to find the best make-up and a Mom who you want to be with in time of happiness and sadness.The one who is very supportive in all the things that can make her siblings happy..She gave the opportunity for us to study than to be with her husband in sickness and in health..I am so proud that I have her in my life and I know that one day we will be together again as one big happy family..

for you my're the best thing that I have! thank you for giving me a chance to live in this wonderful world, to see the light and the God's creation..I love and really miss you so much. I know that you're always been there because you are the


Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz have been sexier as they team up for this hilarious action packed adventure! Determined to avenge the deaths of their fathers, Sara Sandoval ( Hayek ) and Maria Alvarez ( Cruz ) vow to sieze the ill-gotten gains of robber baron Tyler Jackson ( Dwight Yoakam ). So, with the help of the retired bank robber ( Sam
Sheppard ) and a jittery criminologist ( Steve Zahn ), these two beauties become unlikely outlaws, blazing a trail of larceny and laughter across Mexico!

For me the whole scenes are so best..specially when the two girls are fighting for who among them is the good kisser to Quintin ( Steve Zahn ) the jittery criminologist from New York requested by Jackson to work with them in Mexico to investigate and to find the BANDIDAS who are Sarah and Maria.Quintin convinced his self to help the two because Jackson's and his group are getting all the wealth of Mexico.Buying the land of the people for 1 peso coin and shoot them to be quiet and just accept that their land are now property of the bank that is manage by Jackson. So, to bring back all the wealth and for the people of Mexico, this two beautiful girls are decided to rob all the banks with the help of the retired bank robber Duc ( Sam Sheppard ). He teached Sara and Maria on how they are going to handle the gun and to to get away in the bank.. how to trust each other and how to save their lives.Maria is good in gun..but Sarah got nervous and hiccups everytime she's handling a gun, so Duc decided to try another weapon where Sarah had a talent..and finally..she is good in knife.
On the last part as they already took all the wealth..they decited to go to Europe and rob all the banks their.

So lenghty to tell the whole story..
So I'm suggesting to watch this movie for those who are never been seen this it!!