Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Husband and Wife

I went to the church last Sunday ( October 4, 2009 ) and the Priest said, that day is for Married Couple..so the topic is all about love..and respect.

When there is a couple who are deciding to be as one, the Priest is asking them.."why do you want to marry him/her?"

He was so disappointed when the couple answering him that:

  1. because he/she had everything that I want and the Priest answered them that everything that they had can be lost or gone someday.
  2. because he/she is handsome/beautiful..but the beauty will pass?do you still want to be with him/her if the time comes that he/she had wrinkles on her face?
  3. because she is pregnant..you will marry her just because of the baby?
  4. because I want to have someone who can help me in everything.then why don't you just hire a maid that will do everything for you like cooking..washing of clothes..you just pay her and that's all.
too many reasons but did you know what the Priest want to hear from them?
"I want to marry him/her because I LOVE HIM/HER." he will not proceed to the next question until the couple will realize that they will going to marry each other not because of what they want and what they see but because of love that they feel..

The Priest also explained about the role of the Husband in the family..he said that before..all the men or what they called the "hudyo"
had their slaves..and that is the women.That time when the "hudyo" ask your name and you will tell him your real name, you will be going to be his slave.So when God encounter one of the "hudyo" and trying to ask his name, God answered him "AKO AY SI AKO NGA"..

Because men knew that women came from their "tadyang"..flesh of their flesh..bone of their bone..but it is not the reason for a women to become their slaves.
Did you ever thought that mens "tadyang" is near in heart..saying that GOD creates all the women to be loved by men and not to be a slave for them.

"AMA ang haligi ng tahanan at ang INA ang ilaw nito"
A house will not be complete if it is just made of a "haligi" and it will not be completed also by just a light..
a house should be compose or to be completed by both "haligi" and "ilaw" together with the wall,door,roof ,etc.
Its just reminding us that being a married couple is a big responsibility and being ONE in everything..two people that became one under a sacrament of GOD.
Reminding us that in GOD's hand..he created us to be fair with each other..man should not be under by woman and woman should not be under by man.


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