Wednesday, September 30, 2009

News Update!


As Philippines hitted by tropical storm Ondoy.Many of our fellowmen are still can't recover to this very shocking incident.
I watched again the latest news update and I did'nt expect that the number of people died now are 248 and 42 are still missing.
373,000 families are affected..and a worth of 4.8 billion in industry and infrastructure.

Sagip Kapamilya are still packaging some relief goods for the victims and they are sending i think 24 trucks everyday just to give to those people what they are needed.
They are also collecting some cash donations in their accout.

For people there who are willing to donate some of their blessings..

Bank: Banco de Oro, Mother Ignacia branch
Acct name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.
Acct no.: 563-002-0111

Routing code for international cash donations

Bank: BPI
Acct name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.
Acct no.: 3051-1127-75

Routing code for international cash donations

Drop off center for in kind donations:

13 Examiner Street or Scout Bayoran, in front of Rembrandt Hotel on Tomas Morato, QC and beside Half Moon Cafe, also on Tomas Morato.

LG GD900

The first mobile phone with the transparent keyboard!! really amazed me when I first saw it in a commercial on TV..LG-GD900 powered by S-Class next generation 3D user interface with 8m pixel camera, 3-inch WV GA LCD display, 32GB of internal memory, wifi and blutooth. I don't have yet this kind of gadget..and as i read some reviews about this it makes me craving for it and i think it cost 443.90 to 544.70 US$..i want to have one!!but how..? I still need to finish my study and find a good job to have my own money..hahahahahaha..

here are some link that can help you to find out more about LD GD900 Crystal:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I read it first on Arnold's site.He said that this girl named YuBin from Korea is a member of Wonder Girls.Saying that we..Filipinos are MONKEYS.I like their group but now that I read it..I really don't know.

and another one..miss Jacque Bermejo from Dubai..and take note she's a Filipina.clap clap clap!!

Its so disgusting to see those comment..specially the wall comment of Jacque Bermejo on facebook!! Yes we know that she's in Dubai but still she is a Filipino who called us "SINNERS".

We sinners?...and how about you?..did you call yourself in that way too? can you say that to your fellow countrymen? your own country?..

So dramatic ending.. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon ONDOY

Its so hard to think that many people here in the Philippines are now suffering because of the TYPHOON ONDOY.In the latest news update that I've of 6:00 pm the number of people died is now up to 140 and 32 are still missing.Lets just pray for their souls and think that they are now in God's hand..and for the 32 people that are still missing,also pray and hope that they are safe.

The donations in ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya is now in 20 million worth of cash..and if Im not mistaken more than 28 million worth of relief goods.Filipino is so Helpful and even some foreigner do their best to donate for the victims of the typhoon.

Im so glad that me and my family are safe and just experienced a little bit of flood inside our house..hahahaha..(how little?)!!

This will serve as a lesson for us..learn how to dispose the garbage in right place..where to build a house and how to care to our nature!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Session Road Band

Session Road is an alternative rock band here in the Philippines.Hannah Romawac-Olives (vocals, rhythm guitar), Coy Placido (lead guitar, synth), Chavi Romawac (drums, percussions), JV Romawac (percussions, back-up vocals) and Jimbo San Pedro (bass).
My all time favorite band who inspire me a lot.Touch me a lot..and makes me live in music!!..Yesterday I listened to their songs AGAIN..again and again while playing restaurant city on facebook.One of my favorite single of this band is "LEAVING YOU".I started to sing it again in Videoke last September 22 ( tuesday ) when we are celebrating Geck's Birthday and it makes me feel so happy!!don't know why..hahahahaha but one thing is for sure..I idolize them so much.I really love playing with my voice or maybe doing something different that makes me to have my own identity in singing.
I started to sing when I was in grade school,3rd level.Very confident and proud that I'm going to perform in front of many people specially with my Mom who is screaming so loud while saying "that is my daughter"...I will never forget when I was in grade 2 level and our school will be going to have a program.I really want to perform that time and sad to say that my adviser says that "You can't do it..because you can't sing"it really hurts me and because of that I promised to myself that every note and every lyrics of the song that I am going to sing will make them impress and proud of me.Its not bitterness..because you can't consider it in that way..but it is a lesson to prove to yourself that you can!
That's why I am continuing
singing together with the inspiration of Session Road band.I just hope that one day I'll meet them personally and perform on stage with Hannah.Nothing is impossible!! I'll pray..and hope that God will listen :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Battle of The Bands

battle of the bands

This video is taken last May 25,2007 in Arayata Complex at Tanza,Cavite.I am the vocalist together with Inah Yarza on Base Guitar, Marvic Talubo on Rhythm, Rowelle Garcia on Lead and Raymond Lopez on Drums.This is a covered song from the Session Road Band entitled "Eager Angels".

Everytime that we join in a band competition "eager angels" is always on the list!! I am so flattered when others say that hannah of session road and I had the same voice..but I think..not really..just a little bit! ( humble and smiling ).

This Battle of the Bands is one of my unforgettable battle in life because "ADAKRAB" is joined in the competition.They are from Maragundon,Cavite..who joined in different gigs..competition..and even school programs.This Band got the FIRST PLACE!! ehem...ehem...

..clap clap clap..

This is the second song.."BUWAN" by wickermoss

The last song
composition entitled:

LOTTE Ghana Chocolate

most famous chocolate in Japan

I don't know why but i am always craving for chocolate.Ghana is one of my favorite..and it taste so nice! I am hoping that my mom will going to send some package for us on Christmas..and of course including this chocolate!
But if not..please..give me!!
my birthday is on November and i wish to have a lot of sweet chocolates.
Even cloud-9..or champi..or chubby..its okey with me.
i wish i wish i wish!!


Jireh Joyce G. Buhain

a 19 years old woman who is currently studying at WESTERN SCHOOL at Naic Cavite.
kind..sweet, frank,naughty
and sexy!!

She really enjoy joining different competition like bikini pageant..etc.. in different places here in the Philippines.

Jireh and I are childhood bestfriends..sharing some stories , play and sometimes misunderstand each other.She used to call me "KURUKRAY" because of my dimples..and i used to call her "CHENGWA" because of her eyes..I really love her and care for her.She had a very special talent that makes me so so happy..and that is her bad joke!!so so bad!and when she begin to tell some stories or some jokes,
all you can say is..."woooohhhuuuu" because there are some words and action that you didn't expect her to say and do ..well that is my bestfriend..she is so cool.

I hope that we always have a time for each again and do the things like we did before.I am so happy for her achievements in life..and still hope that she will study hard..and finish her study first before anything else..

"i love you chengwa" :)


The tropang itchy
we are not complete Image and video hosting by TinyPic
this pictures was taken by Mr. Arnold Arieta
that's why he is not always present with MOST of our pictures.

We went to Indang last friday (September 18,2009)..for the closing of the university games of different campuses of Cavite State University.We watched the cheer dance competition even if the entire stadium is full of visitors and competitors.My classmates and I are looking for right place and good spot but sad to say that every place that we are intent to be is like a bakery shop with full of costumers and with so many bakers that cooking the bread!! uh oh...we are so suffocated! but still we enjoy the things that we've done..taking pictures,walked for food,and also walked for ride to go home.

Happy happy and happy..even though there's a J n' J on our group..who is so disgusting to see..anyway no comment its just between with my friends " tropang itchy" and I..hahahahaha Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Arnold and I are really enjoyed taking pictures with our shades..He said that we are like a local artist with many fans surrounded with us..hahahahahaha..but let me see ,,where is are fans?..where are they?.( laughing )

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the blog of mine

hi..this is my first post in this blog and still the layout is under construction (smiling ).I don't know why i created this..maybe because inah had a blog already so that's why i made it too..(inggit bah?).I am not good in english but i'll try and i think ate joyce is right on what she said to her sister inah and i realized it too.It can help to make us good in English at nakakahiya nga.Well that's life but we are trying.As what inah's said in her first blog..sorry for wrong grammars and terms
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

This day is a very busy day!! niece amber is here and she keep us so busy by making us smile,giggle and play with her.I am the one who volunteer for taking care of her starting last night because my sister Eimee is going to look for job at morning.
Amber is kind..actually she didn't disturb my sleep and make me aw
ake @ 8:30 am..hmmm take note!not because she's crying but because she keeps rolling on our bed and gave some kick on by body while saying.."ahhhpppppuuu"..hahahahaha.I made her milk and bathed her after.

Amber is now turning 5 months next monday September 21 and I am really excited because i can't wait to see her like ala kalae..walking,eating..i really love her because she is my first niece and hope to be the one and only for my older sister.

It's 12 am in the morning ..gotta go coz i need to rest..till next time sharing my daily life..Goodnight.and Good morning!!