Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I read it first on Arnold's site.He said that this girl named YuBin from Korea is a member of Wonder Girls.Saying that we..Filipinos are MONKEYS.I like their group but now that I read it..I really don't know.

and another one..miss Jacque Bermejo from Dubai..and take note she's a Filipina.clap clap clap!!

Its so disgusting to see those comment..specially the wall comment of Jacque Bermejo on facebook!! Yes we know that she's in Dubai but still she is a Filipino who called us "SINNERS".

We sinners?...and how about you?..did you call yourself in that way too?..how can you say that to your fellow countrymen?..to your own country?..

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  1. About UglyYuBin, I will clarify that girl is a fake.. My followers on Twitter said that to me last night...