Thursday, October 1, 2009


Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz have been sexier as they team up for this hilarious action packed adventure! Determined to avenge the deaths of their fathers, Sara Sandoval ( Hayek ) and Maria Alvarez ( Cruz ) vow to sieze the ill-gotten gains of robber baron Tyler Jackson ( Dwight Yoakam ). So, with the help of the retired bank robber ( Sam
Sheppard ) and a jittery criminologist ( Steve Zahn ), these two beauties become unlikely outlaws, blazing a trail of larceny and laughter across Mexico!

For me the whole scenes are so best..specially when the two girls are fighting for who among them is the good kisser to Quintin ( Steve Zahn ) the jittery criminologist from New York requested by Jackson to work with them in Mexico to investigate and to find the BANDIDAS who are Sarah and Maria.Quintin convinced his self to help the two because Jackson's and his group are getting all the wealth of Mexico.Buying the land of the people for 1 peso coin and shoot them to be quiet and just accept that their land are now property of the bank that is manage by Jackson. So, to bring back all the wealth and for the people of Mexico, this two beautiful girls are decided to rob all the banks with the help of the retired bank robber Duc ( Sam Sheppard ). He teached Sara and Maria on how they are going to handle the gun and to to get away in the bank.. how to trust each other and how to save their lives.Maria is good in gun..but Sarah got nervous and hiccups everytime she's handling a gun, so Duc decided to try another weapon where Sarah had a talent..and finally..she is good in knife.
On the last part as they already took all the wealth..they decited to go to Europe and rob all the banks their.

So lenghty to tell the whole story..
So I'm suggesting to watch this movie for those who are never been seen this it!!

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  1. I love Penelope!
    She's a sizzling spanish hot babe! Yummy! :D