Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wind Beneath My Wings

For almost 9 years of living my life without her..performing on stage without her..and crying without her I still can't imagine how my Mom can do this all by herself, without her siblings, without her husband, without her family.
She decided to work on Korea when I was in grade four.I am just a little girl but understand the situation.She always want the best for us and for our family, that's why she keeps on working even night with just herself and the machines.Sometimes I feel so down and amiss when she calling us and saying that she's alone in the company..working one can talk to..that makes her feel so sleepy.How I wish that I have all the blessing in the world just to be with my Mom for a long long time..but I don't have anything to do but to finish my study.
I really miss my Mom and i know that I am not the only one who's missing her in a long time.It feel so incomplete when one of the member of the family is far from you..specially a Mom who can really understand you as a girl..a Mom who can give you some heart advice..a Mom who can help you to find the best make-up and a Mom who you want to be with in time of happiness and sadness.The one who is very supportive in all the things that can make her siblings happy..She gave the opportunity for us to study than to be with her husband in sickness and in health..I am so proud that I have her in my life and I know that one day we will be together again as one big happy family..

for you my're the best thing that I have! thank you for giving me a chance to live in this wonderful world, to see the light and the God's creation..I love and really miss you so much. I know that you're always been there because you are the


  1. time will come you will be together again,just wait and pray. I salute your mom for doing those sacrifices,and I wish you will adopt her personality especially her strength..she is very great.:D

  2. i love it girl.. haay..
    just wait for the right time and you will be with your mom.. just always pray.. just always understand what she is doing beacause its for your family and for your own good... God bless!